Effective September 17, 2021

To our valued primary care patients:

An important part of maintaining continuity in your care and offering you the best possible service is keeping you fully updated of new developments in our practice. On that note, we wanted to inform you about an upcoming change.

Courtview Gynecology will no longer provide PRIMARY CARE SERVICES. We have decided to re-focus our mission on gynecology, and other specialized women’s healthcare services to best serve our patients and our community at this time.

We want to make sure you know you can count on us as your Gynecology provider of choice-now more than ever!

Courtview Gynecology understands that patients may find this change inconvenient. We will make every effort to assist current primary care patients with the transition.

All women’s healthcare services, including gynecology, mammograms, bone density scans and labs, will continue as usual, but primary care will no longer be available at Courtview Gynecology after September 17, 2021.

Launching a New Community Blog

We have served Gaston County and beyond since 1992. We have been active on Facebook with our community for years as well. This fall we are looking to launch a blog as well and expand our ability to reach out to our community and share more!