Vulvar Biopsy

What is a Vulvar Biopsy?

A vulvar biopsy is a diagnostic procedure which involves removal of a small piece of skin.  A biopsy can help identify the cause of a vulvar skin problem or help diagnose vulvar cancer.

Before the procedure:

You will lie face up on an exam table, undressed from the waist down.

The area to be biopsied will be identified.  Sometimes this involves use of a dilute vinegar solution, a magnifying glass, or a colposcope (an instrument like binoculars mounted on a stand).

The skin may be swabbed with an antiseptic.  Then a local anesthetic will be injected to make the skin numb. If a large lesion is removed, one or more stitches may be placed.  These will dissolve on their own, and will not need to be removed. Most biopsies are so small they do not require any stitches.

After the procedure:

The piece of skin is sent to a pathologist who examines it under a microscope and sends us a report.

We notify you of results as soon as we receive them, usually in less than 2 weeks.

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