What is Nexplanon or Implanon?

A progestin implant (Nexplanon/Implanon) is a small rod that is implanted under the skin, usually on the upper arm. The rod releases a small amount of the hormone progestin into the bloodstream.

It takes about a minute to insert the rod, which is done using a local numbing medicine in a doctor’s office. It can stay in place for 3 years, but it can be removed at any time. Removal usually only takes a few minutes.

After the implant has been inserted:

  • You may have some bruising around the site for a week or more.
  • You should be protected from getting pregnant within 1 week.
  • You can use these implants while breast-feeding.

Progestin implants work better than birth control pills to prevent pregnancy. In any 1 year, only 1 out of 100 women who uses these implants is likely to get pregnant.

Your regular menstrual cycles should return within 3 or 4 weeks after these implants are removed.

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