3D Mammogram or Tomosynthesis – First Time Available in Gaston County!

We have been providing mammograms in Gastonia, North Carolina for years! Thanks for stopping here to learn more about our new 3D Mammogram services.

We are happy and grateful to be able to offer Gaston County 3D mammograms both to our current and our future patients. We are doing everything we can to continue provide the best women’s care in Gaston County!

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One of the most exciting advancements in breast cancer detection in more than 30 years!

We are happy & grateful to be able provide 3D Mammograms or 3D Mammography, which is known as Tomeosynthesis. This advance in women’s healthcare in Gaston County allows us to better serve our community using the latest in imaging technology and training. We are proud to be the first women’s healthcare practice to offer this level of care from our offices in Gastonia.

Frequent Questions

3D Mammogram

What is 3D mammography?

3D Mammography provides 3D Mammograms through a procedure called Tomeosynthesis.

In about the same time a 2D mammogram lasts, 3D captures multiple image slices of the breast at different angles.  These images then create a crystal-clear 3D reconstruction of the breast.  Our professionals are then able to review the digital reconstruction one thin layer at a time, like turning pages in a book.  It makes it easier for doctors to see if there are any areas to be concerned about.

Are there risks with 3D mammograms?

The X-ray exposure for a 3D mammogram is about the same as a traditional mammogram done on film and it only takes seconds longer.

What are the benefits of 3D mammograms?

There’s a less chance of a cancer hiding behind overlapping tissue.

It has been proven to reduce the need for follow-up breast exams.

Is 3D Mammography available in Gastonia, NC?

Yes. It is available to all of our patients with a Doctor’s recommendation.

Do you provide 3D Mammograms for Charlotte residents?

We provide 3D Mammograms for patients from Charlotte and all over Mecklenburg county. Our offices are located in Gastonia, NC. We are a short (reverse commute) trip down I-85.  If you are having difficulty getting in for an appointment, or looking for more personalize care, we want to help. Our staff is made up entirely of women health care providers. We are ready to provide great care and we are one of the first providers in the area to offer 3D Mammograms!

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