Essure Sterilization

Essure is a permanent form of sterilization, not reversible. 

This procedure is done in an operating room or office setting using local anesthesia (numbing medicine) . While the patient is awake, the doctor inserts a thin instrument with a camera at the end, called a hysteroscope, into the vagina, which is then passed through the cervix, uterus and finally to the fallopian tube where a tiny coil is placed. Scar tissue then grows which seals the tube shut. Since this takes time to happen, another form of birth control must be used for the first 3 months.

A follow-up test called the Essure Confirmation Test is done 3 months after the procedure. This is an x-ray procedure which allows your doctor to see that your tubes are completely blocked. If the tubes are tightly sealed at this point, your health care provider will likely tell you that you can stop other forms of birth control. However, you should always use condoms to prevent STIs.

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